Best 10K Races in the USA

1. Peachtree Road Race - Atlanta, GA
2. Boulder 10k - Boulder, CO
3. Cooper River Bridge Run 10K - Charleston, SC
4. Crescent City Classic 10K - New Orleans, LA
5. Austin American-Statesman Capitol 10K - Austin, TX

6. U.S. 10K Classic - Atlanta, GA
7. Running Spot Thanksgiving Day Run 10K - Cincinnati, OH
8. Richard S. Caliguiri Great Race 10K - Pittsburgh, PA
9. Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K - Richmond, VA
10. Omaha Corporate Cup 10K - Omaha, NE

Honorable Mention
11. Rodes City Run 10K - Louisville, KY
12. Bellin 10K - Green Bay, WI
13. Tufts Health Plan for Women - Boston, MA
14. St. Paddy's Day 10K - Washington, DC
15. Peoples Beach to Beacon 10K - Cape Elizabeth, ME
16. Manhattan Beach Old Hometown 10K - Manhattan Beach, CA
17. Get in Gear 10K - Minneapolis, MN
18. New York Mini Marathon 10K [Women] - New York
19. Great Cow Harbor 10K - Northport, NY
20. Run to the Far Side 10K - San Francisco, CA
21. Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K - Redondo Beach, CA
22. Conoco Rodeo 10K - Houston, TX
23. CVS-Cleveland 10K - Cleveland, OH
24. Bluegrass 10K - Lexington, KY
25. Azalea Trail Run 10K - Mobile, AL

This listing of the Top Ten 10k road races is constantly being revised as old races become more popular and as new races start So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!