Most Romantic Beaches in the USA

East Hampton Beach, New York
East Hampton is an approximately sixteen square mile parcel of land adorned with ponds, wetlands, large, open public greens, farmland, and woodland. The entire southern border of the Village is one of the world's most beautiful ocean beaches. The wide, white, sandy beach and dunes provide an expansive vista of the ocean. The estates along the roads from Main Street to the ocean are among the most impressive and valuable in the country.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina
This island paradise is nestled between the surf of the Atlantic Ocean and the sweeping marshes of the mainland. Kiawah Island has 10 miles of pristine, sun-swept beach.  More beachfront than any individually planned resort community on the Eastern Seaboard. Villas, private homes, cottage, golf course facilities and resort are artfully woven into the natural landscape, allowing visitors to enjoy both the modern luxuries of a beautifully planned community and the serenity of a remote barrier island.


Captiva Island, Florida
Captiva Island is a barrier island on Florida's Gulf Coast near Fort Myers, FL. The beach is situated at the north end of Captiva Road. This beach is noted for its laid back easy lifestyle, breathtaking sunsets, and wonderful shelling. The beach has white sugar sand, speckled by pretty and unusual shells. The island has lush tropical vegetation and is cooled by gentle sea breezes.  Dolphin, Manatee and waterfowl sightings are common.

Santa Catalina Island, California
Santa Catalina is off the coast of Southern California. This island looks much like California did two-hundred years ago, a wilderness of oak, cactus, and sage, an island with secluded coves surrounded by ocean with lush kelp forests and abundant sea life. This is Santa Catalina Island, a modern beach resort within a wilderness preserved for all to enjoy.

Hamoa Beach, Hana, Maui, Hawaii
Located just outside of Hana, this beautiful public beach shares some facilities with the Hotel Hana Maui. Sea cliffs surround the bay and the vegetation is lush. This beach has been voted one of Hawaii's favorite beaches. Offshore is the little coconut-topped island of Alau.

Punalu'u Beach, Big Island, Hawaii
Punalu'u  Bay is known for its beautiful black sand beach located on the Big Island of Hawaii.   Punalu'u got its name from the fresh water springs in the bay where Hawaiians dove with gourds to the ocean floor to tap the springs.  Rare and endangered green sea turtles frequent the beach and may even swim side by side with you as you play in the warm, clear waters. Beachcomb the sparkling black sands for rare olivine crystals and shells, or simply enjoy the warm tropical sunshine with your favorite partner.

Moshup Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Mushup Beach is located beneath the infamous Gay Head Cliffs, This unspoiled paradise is covered with soft, white sand and is framed by red, brown and tan striated cliffs looming from above. Perhaps one of the East Coast's finest stretches of beach, Moshup is frequently overlooked by visitors who come only to see the Gay Head Cliffs and the Head Lighthouse.

Little Palm Island, Florida Keys
In the Florida Keys , where the Gulf of Mexico mingles with the Atlantic Ocean, lies Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. Quietly tucked away from the hectic world, this private island is a paradise of storybook description—complete with swaying palms, white sand beach, endless turquoise waters, and of course, the occasional hammock. At Little Palm, every dining experience is special. Experince their renowned cuisine on a private table on the beach while watching the sunset.

South Beach, Florida 
In South Beach, the sun is warm, the sky is blue, and the possibilities are as endless as the waves crashing onto its white, sandy shores.  A worldwide destination famous for its lively nightlife, stunning beaches, exquisite shopping, and delectable food.  A tropical haven by day, the city comes alive at sunset, ushering visitors into a world filled with music, dancing, and indulgence.  Diners are treated to an incomparable array of irresistible cuisines ranging from Greek to Colombian, New World Caribbean to Vietnamese, Mexican to Mediterranean, not to mention the seafood.   And for those with energy to spare, there are dozens of late-night clubs, discos, and live concerts to sample. 

Green Sand Beach, Hawaii
Looking for a quiet one of kind beach. There is a beautiful, quiet  and romantic beach on the Big Island called Papakolea, or Green Sand Beach. The sand is made from olivine crystals from a nearby cinder cone. This sand sparkles in the sun and causes prolonged feelings of awe. This beach is for the adventurous couple.
To get to this beach. you must hike 2 hours from South Point.   Don't attempt to go to Green Sands Beach without proper shoes , and lots of water and a backpack. Its a windy and hot hike.


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