Best Caves and Spelunking in the USA

1. Mammoth Cave System Kentucky 367.000

2. Jewel Cave South Dakota 140.060

3. Wind Cave South Dakota 125.910
4. Lechuguilla Cave New Mexico 121.810
5. Fisher Ridge Cave System Kentucky 110.178
6. Friars Hole Cave System West Virginia 45.539
7. Kazumura Cave (Lava Tube) Hawaii 40.700
8. Organ (Greenbrier) Cave System West Virginia 38.452
9. Blue Spring Cave (Saltpeter) Tennessee 33.390
10. Martin Ridge System (Wig.,Jackpot,Martin) Kentucky 32.239
11. Hellhole West Virginia 28.280
12. Crevice Cave Missouri 28.201
13. Wakulla-Leon Sinks Cave System(Under Water) Florida 28.030
14. Cumberland Cave(Saltpeter) Tennessee 27.616
15. Scott Hollow Cave West Virginia 27.000
16. Carlsbad Cavern New Mexico 26.840
17. Omega System Virginia 24.670
18. Sloans Valley Cave System Kentucky 24.640
19. Xanadu Cave System Tennessee 23.799
20. The Hole (Boggs Cave) West Virginia 23.003
21. Coral Cave System Kentucky 22.560
22. Sugar Run Cave System Virginia 22.500
23. Binkley's Cave System Indiana 22.182
24. Hidden River System (Hicks Cave) Kentucky 21.100
25. Culverson Creek Cave System West Virginia 20.928
26. Lilburn Cave California 20.810
27. Blue Spring Cave Indiana 20.810
28. Chestnut Ridge Cave System Virginia 20.110
29. Lost River Cave System Indiana 20.043
30. Honey Creek Cave Texas 19.947
31. Moore Cave System (Berome & Tom) Missouri 18.000
32. Windymouth (Wind) Cave West Virginia 18.000
33. Fitton (Beauty) Cave Arkansas 17.500
34. Hualalai Ranch Cave (Lava Tube) Hawaii 17.265
35. Thornhill Cave System Kentucky 17.232
36. Coldwater Cave Iowa 17.005
37. Kipuka Kanohina (Kula Kai Caverns) (Lava Tube) Hawaii 16.5
38. McClung Cave System West Virginia 16.400
39. Butler-Sinking Creek System Virginia 16.010
40. Mystery Cave System Missouri 15.842
41. Rumbling Falls Cave. Tennessee 15.695
42. Fern Cave (597) Alabama 15.630
43. Mountain Eye Cave System (Saltpeter) Tennessee 15.587
44. Nunley Mtn.Cave System Tennessee 15.152
45. Cave Creek Cave System Kentucky 15.010
46. Foglepole Cave Illinois 15.000
47. Benedicts (Persinger) Cave West Virginia 14.850
48. Big Horn - Horsethief Cave System Wyoming/Montana 14.6
49. Rimstone River Cave Missouri 14.200
50. Powell's Cave System Texas 14.199  


The challenges of the sport depend on the cave being visited, but often include the negotiation of pitches, squeezes, and water. Climbing or crawling is often necessary, and ropes are used extensively for safety of the negotiation of particularly steep or slippery passages.

Caving is often undertaken for the enjoyment of the activity or for physical exercise, as well as original exploration, similar to mountaineering or diving. Physical or biological science is also an important goal for some cavers. Virgin cave systems comprise some of the last unexplored regions on Earth and much effort is put into trying to locate and enter them. In well-explored regions , the most accessible caves have already been explored, and gaining access to new caves often requires digging or diving.

Caves have been explored out of necessity, out of curiosity or for mystical reasons for thousands of years. However, only in the last century or two has the activity developed into a sophisticated, athletic pastime. In recent decades caving has changed considerably due to the availability of modern protective wear and equipment. It has recently come to be known as an "extreme sport" by some.

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This listing of the longest caves in America is constantly being revised as we experience and visit and find new caves all around the United States. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!