Fun and Famous Cheerleader Photos

Here are some college cheerleader photos that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Many of these photos have become famous over the years so we have collected them to share with you.

We can't get enough of the USC cheerleaders cheering when the other team scores. There are so many funny photos on the internet of the South Carolina girls rooting for their mascot - Go Gamecocks! And we love cheerleaders stretching out with their cheer mates. Every now and then there will be a funny shot of a cheer leader on someone's shoulders going the wrong way or is that the right way. Enjoy the pictures that have been sent to us over the years.

Basketball Cheerleading at its best

A blonde Cheerleader moment, as the USC Cheerleader Cheers as Texas scores the winning touchdown.

This Youtube Video shows a USC Cheerleader cheering for
UCLA in the 2006 USC/UCLA game that knocked
USC out of the National Championship


George Bush                                Will Ferrell

South Carolina Cheerleader

More great South Carolina Cheerleaders

Alabama Cheerleader

Alabama Cheerleader Sela Ward

  NC State                         Tennessee        

Oklahoma Cheerleader

One of UCLA's Finest

Nebraska Cheerleaders

Gene Galin Photos

Click here for additional photos of USC girls.

This list of Funny College Cheerleaders Photos is constantly being revised as cheerleaders have more fun and photos are being discovered. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!