USC Cheerleader Fun Photos

Some of the USC Cheerleaders caught cheering
 for the other team.

A blonde Cheerleader moment, as the USC Cheerleader Cheers as Texas scores the winning touchdown in the 2006 National Championship Game.

Wrong Team AGAIN!  - Video

This Youtube Video shows a USC Cheerleader cheering for UCLA in the 2006 USC/UCLA game that knocked

USC out of the National Championship

2006 USC Cheerleaders

2006 USC Song Girls at Boot Camp

The USC Cheerleaders practicing hard at Lake Tahoe

The 2005 USC Song Girls

2005 USC Cheerleaders relaxing in Hawaii

The USC Trojans have won national football championships in 2004 and 2005 and in the Rose Bowl in 2006.  How do they get players like Reggie Bush? Well, the above cheerleader photos must have helped.


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This listing of the Top College Cheerleaders in the United States is solely based on looks alone. If you feel your college cheerleaders or cheer squad deserve they own website, let us know.