Best College Mascots

Monte, University of Montana - "Monte"  was born in the mountains of Missoula in the Fall of 1991. The 2002-2003 Capital One National Champion Mascot of the Year has evolved into a motorcycle riding, break dancing, back flipping, slam dunking, movie making, crowd surfing, goal post smashing, prank pulling superstar that makes the women of Montana swoon.
       Monte's charitable and community service activities are unmatched in college athletics. Raising thousands of "fur made" dollars for local children's charities keeps this bear quite busy all year round, and that's how he likes it.


Aubie, Auburn University -  A popular character among Auburn fans, kids, and one of the most animated mascots in the country, Aubie has been on the job since 1979. Aubie’s  began as a cartoon character that first appeared on the Auburn/Hardin-Simmons football program cover on October 3, 1959.  In 1979, Aubie came to life at the Southeastern Conference basketball tournament. Aubie proudly marched into the Birmingham-Jefferson County Civic Center and helped lead first-year Auburn coach Sonny Smith’s team to upset wins of Vanderbilt and Georgia in the SEC basketball tournament.
       Aubie is  five-time national champion cheerleading mascots and has been on numerous 2004 Capital One All-American Mascot Teams. Aubie also writes a column for the local paper where he answers any question from local elementry school kids.


Buzz, Georgia Tech - Buzz is the world-famous and beloved mascot of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Buzz gets Tech fans cheering at nearly all the Institute's intercollegiate sporting events. Although Buzz's origins are rather ambiguous, it is known that Buzz showed up at a game sometime in the early 1980s as an unofficial cheerleader, and was soon adopted by the GT cheerleading squad. Today Buzz is a member of the cheerleading squad, and attends all Football Games, all Home basketball games for the Men's & Women's Team, several Volleyball & Baseball games, as well as pep rallies and appearances throughout Georgia. In Fall 2005 and 2006, Buzz was named to the Capital One All-American Mascot Teams and competed for the title of the Capital One Mascot of the Year. Buzz also competes in the Mascot National Competition in Daytona, FL each April. In 2006 he received 2nd place.

Sparty, Michigan State University -  Sparty the Spartan is Michigan State University’s fearless and loveable mascot, a figure known throughout the state of Michigan and recognized across the nation as well. Sparty is the heart of Michigan State, forever supporting its teams, bringing smiles to young and old and continually uplifting all who meet him. Sparty is big and strong, and was judged “Buffest Mascot” by Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Sparty is a two time national champion mascot after competing at the Universal Cheer Association Nationals Competition.

Smokey, University of Tennessee - Named to the 2005 and 2006 Capital One All-America Mascot Team, and was awarded the back-to-back National Champion for UCA Mascots. Smokey also get extra points for being the best dancer.

Big Red, Western Kentucky University - The huge, furry lovable red creature was designed and built by WKU student Ralph Carey ('80) of Cincinnati, and made its debut during the Hilltoppers' 1979-80 basketball season. "Big Red" has become a big hit with fans of all ages throughout the state and the nation.  The ultimate fan and supporter of all WKU's intercollegiate sports, "Big Red" won the "Key to the Spirit" award - the highest honor presented to team mascots at the time - at the Universal Cheerleading Association competition in 1980, 1981 and again in 1983.

Cocky, University of South Carolina - Cocky first took action in 1980 when he came in to take over his father (Big Spur's) place. Cocky soon won the hearts off all the Gamecock fans all over and now is one of the most recognizable figures to young and old at USC. Cocky has also captured national attention in the UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association) Mascot Competitions. In 1986, Cocky brought home his first UCA Mascot Championship. He continued his success in the competitions each year and rose to the very top a second time in 1994 bringing home his second Championship.

Hairy Dawg, University of Georgia - Hairy Dawg was conceived in 1980 when Tom Sapp showed sketches of a bulldog(Hairy Dawg) to head football coach Vince Dooley. Dooley loved it so much that he asked Sapp to have a costume rendition of the dog ready in three weeks for the Sugar Bowl. As legend has it, Hairy debuted in New Orleans against Notre Dame, helping the Bulldogs win their second national championship.

Herbie the Husker, University of Nebraska - Herbie the Husker first appeared on the cover of the 1974 summer football media guide, derived from a cartoon character of a Nebraska fan at the Cotton Bowl. In 2003 Herbie went through an extreme makeover. This once heavy husker is now fit and trim, and can be seen at games waving the UN flag or extending a helping hand in the community.

Big Al, University of Alabama - Big Al's debut as UA's mascot came at the 1979 Sugar Bowl, where the Crimson Tide turned back Penn State at the goal line to earn a 14-7 victory and a national championship. Today, the elephant is synonymous with the Crimson Tide and Big Al is one of the nation's most popular collegiate mascots.

Butch T. Cougar, Washington State University - Born in 1978 on a remote mountain top in the Cascades and named to the 2005 Capital One All-America Mascot Team and was mascot of the year.

Joe Bruin, UCLA - Won the United Spirit Association Collegiate National Mascot Championship in 2003.

Mr. Wuf -  North Carolina State University - Mr. Wuf was named the winner of the mascots division of the Chick-Fil-A Collegiate Cheer and Dance National Championship, the first time since 1987 that the NC State mascot has won the national title.

Sam the Minuteman, University of Massachusetts - Definitely the most patriotic mascot in the country. Like the patriotic minutemen, Sam is ready to cheer for his school at a moment's notice. This proud mascot is the pride and joy of all UMass athletes and fans and is a symbol of strength, confidence and perseverance.

Bucky Badger, Wisconsin - Created in 1949, Bucky Badger has warmed the hearts of Wisconsin fans for over a half century. He has been on numerous Capitol One's All American Mascot Teams.

Big Jay, University of Kansas - A lively high flying bird who hypes up the KU crowd with his crazy dance moves. This Jayhawk is a combination of two birds - the blue jay, a noisy quarrelsome thing known to rob other nests, and the sparrow hawk, a stealthy hunter.

Brutus Buckeye, Ohio State - Brutus celebrates his 40th year as the Ohio State Mascot, one of the oldest in the country. Member of the 2003 Capitol One All-America Mascot Team.

Otto,  Syracuse University - The big Orange has been around since 1990 and was selected to the 2006 Capitol One All American Mascot Team.

Sooner,  University of Oklahoma - Part of the Boomer and Sooner Team. Boomer and Sooner were named "Most Collegiate Mascot" at the UCA College Summer Camp held on the campus of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Testudo,   University of Maryland - the official mascot of the University of Maryland, is not your ordinary Diamondback terrapin. For over sixty years, he has been the symbol for this campus, overseeing us in good times and bad. The costume Testudo has been cheering since the 1970's

Hokie Bird, Virginia Tech - Today's HokieBird made its first appearance in 1987. HokieBird has won national mascot competitions and has been so popular that the mascot landed an appearance on Animal Planet's "Turkey Secrets," shown annually around Thanksgiving.

Widcat, University of Kentucky - The Wildcat mascot originated during the 1976-77 academic year at UK. Gary Tanner was the original Wildcat, dancing and entertaining thousands of UK fans at Commonwealth Stadium and Rupp Arena during athletics events. This year's Wildcat was a member of Capitol One All American Mascot Team.

Sebastian the Ibis, University of Miami -   In 1957 San Sebastian Hall, a residence hall on campus, sponsored an Ibis entry in the homecoming celebration. The next year, student John Stormont performed at games in an Ibis costume that was glued, sewn and pinned together and was the forerunner of today's bird. Through the years, the Ibis has become one of the most recognizable college mascots in the United States. Sebastian was a member of 2005 Capitol One All American Mascot Team.

Purdue Pete, A Boilermaker if ever there was one, Purdue Pete first took the field to cheer on the Boilermakers in 1956. Initially, students were chosen to portray Pete because of tumbling ability. In those days, Pete had a papier mache head and a bit of padding but was expected to tumble along with the cheerleaders. Today, Pete's head is crafted in the same aviation technology lab that produced the locomotive body of the X-tra Special. Pete was a member of 2005 Capitol One All American Mascot Team.

Goldy Gopher, University of Minnesota - During the year, Goldy makes over 1000 appearances and is at virtually all home games for University Teams, usually wearing the appropriate sporting attire, and this year was nominated and made the 2004 Capital One All-American Mascot Tea

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This listing of the Top College Mascots in the United States is constantly being revised as old mascots learn new tricks and new mascots are being discovered. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!