Best Energy Drinks in the USA

1. Red Bull: Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world, according to market share. Red Bull's slogan is "it gives you wings" and the product is aggressively marketed through advertising, tournament sponsorship (Red Bull Air Race), sports team ownerships and celebrity endorsements.

2. Monster Energy Drink: Monster is the second highest-selling energy drink and is popular for its added kick. Monster Energy drinks come in all forms and sizes. If you're talking about how much content you can get from every can, it will range from 16 oz to 25 oz (Billabong XXL). The latter is based on the popular Billabong surfing competition that they would usually sponsor. The largest one is called BFC, which has a staggering 32 oz of content.


3. Rockstar: Founded in 2001 by Russell Goldencloud Weiner, Rockstar launched into the fastest-growing segment of the US beverage market, energy drinks. As well as featuring different ingredients, which it claimed were "scientifically formulated to speed the recovery time of those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles—from athletes to rock stars," Rockstar sought to differentiate itself from the market leader Red Bull by using a 16 oz can size (against Red Bull's 8 oz can) and marketing itself as "twice the size of Red Bull for the same price." 

4. Tab Energy Drink: Tab is popular with women because it is low in calories. It has 31 milligrams of caffeine and only one calorie per serving so you get your energy boast without the added calories.

5. Hype: The Hype energy drink is another low-calorie option popular among women. It only has 10 calories a serving. It is also popular in nightclubs because it mixes well with alcohol and doesn’t bring the added calories.

6. Vault: Vault was created by Coca-Cola and was marketed as an artificially flavored hybrid energy soda beverage. The slogan is “Dinks like a soda, kicks like an energy drink.

7. Joker Mad Energy Drink: The Joker Mad Energy drink is one of the cheaper energy drink options which make it popular. Some stores carry it for as low as sixty cents a can.

8. SoBe Adrenaline Rush: This drink packs a punch and also has a sugar-free alternative.

9. Liquid Nitro: Liquid Nitro is not found in all stores but worth it once you come across it.

10. Full Throttle: Full Throttle drinkers go from zero to sixty after downing this energy drink. It has a citrus-like flavor to it and is often mixed into alcoholic drinks.

This listing of the best energy drinks that are sold in the USA is constantly being revised as we experience and drink more across this great country. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!