Fly Fishing - Top Ten Spots in the USA

1. Wind River Range - Wyoming
The Wind River Canyon is trophy style water with many of the catches well over 20 inches. The predominate species in Wind River Canyon are Brown and Rainbow with Cutthroat also being present.
2. Henry's Fork
 - Near Last Chance, Idaho

The Henry's Fork is one of the most famous and diverse fly fishing rivers in the world, with plenty to offer the advanced angler as well as the beginner.  Its prolific aquatic insect hatches draw fly fishers from around the globe to test their skills against highly selective rainbow trout. Experience world class fly fishing. Float through diverse wildlife, abundant hatches, and varied terrain for these are the finest trout streams in the west.


3. Nakalilok Bay for Silver Salmon - Alaska
Nakalilok Bay on the Pacific side of the Alaska peninsula offers remote, uncrowded fly fishing you can only dream of. Staying at a wilderness camp is the best way to go.

4. North Fork and Main Umpqua River for Steelheads - Oregon
The North Umpqua is all steelhead rivers: As it gouges a path through steep canyon walls, the North Umpqua creates every imaginable kind of steelhead water and all of it in abundance. From glass-smooth tailouts and choppy runs, to gliding bedrock-rimmed chutes and deep pocket water, the North Umpqua offers something for everyone and in doing so becomes unique unto itself.

5. Green River for big trout, Utah
Located in northeast Utah, it holds over 30 miles of water that can be floated and fished from shore. The river passes through a beautiful red canyon, and this topography makes for impressive pools. Peer into the clear, greenish depths and you will understand how a 30-lb. leviathan of a brown trout was caught here in 1996.

Au Sable River
for brook, rainbow and brown trout - Michigan
Located in northeast Utah, it holds over 30 miles of water that can be floated and fished from shore. The river passes through a beautiful red canyon, and this topography makes for impressive pools. Peer into the clear, greenish depths and you will understand how a 30-lb. leviathan of a brown trout was caught here in 1996.


7. The Keys for bonefish and three-figure tarpon - South Florida
If the winter weather has also been mild in the Florida Keys, other schools of tarpon will arrive in and around Key West as early as the first part of February, and a month or so later the Miami fish will begin to migrate south, while some of the tarpon that arrive in Key West do the same, heading north a month or so after they arrive in Key West.

8. Armstrong's Spring Creek for browns and rainbows - Livingston, Mont.

Armstrong Spring Creek is a classic, flat water, meadow stream that varies in width from 50-100 feet. Intense hatches of midges, caddis, and mayflies throughout the season make for some world class dry fly fishing and terrific sight fishing with nymphs. These are wild beautiful, fish that average a solid fourteen inches and often exceed twenty. Most of the trout are acrobatic rainbows, but some very nice browns and cutthroats are present as well. The fish are all brilliantly colored - some of the most gorgeous fish you'll find in Montana.

9. Upper Delaware River for rainbows - New York
The river itself varies in character.  After dropping down some rapids below the dam, the upper West Branch flattens out and flows around modest islands, which gradually disappear and yield to long, wide pools interrupted by shallow riffles.  The West Branch is dominated by browns, with some rainbows and brookies to be caught, and much of it can be waded. 

10. Gallatin River - Montana
The Gallatin flows over 90 miles with hundreds of small creeks adding to its flow. It heads from springs in Yellowstone Park and flows to Three Forks. The classic river fishing scenes from "A River Runs Through It" were filmed here. Browns, Rainbows, Mt. Whitefish, and Cuttbows are the predominant species here.


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This listing of the Top Ten and Best Fly Fishing spots in the country is constantly being revised as we experience and learn new things about lakes, streams, rivers and oceans in the US. So, if you feel we are missing one, please email us and let us know!