Best College Basketball Teams of All Time

Top 10 College Basketball Teams of All Time

1. 1968 UCLA Bruins (29-1) - Lew Alcindors best team. In the middle of the season, UCLA played with an injured Alcindor and  lost to Houston and Elvin Hayes. but then destroyed the Cougars 101-69 in the tournment. 

2. 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (32-0)
Over the two seasons that culminated in their 1976 national championship, the Hoosiers went 63-1.
3. 1972 UCLA Bruins (30-0)
The Walton led Bruins won by an average margin of 32 points per game. From 1972-74, Bill Walton led UCLA to an 86-4 record and two national titles.
4. 1996 Kentucky Wildcats (34-2)
This Kentucky Team had 5  first-round picks and one second round. The team included Antoine Walker, Tony Delk, Walter McCarty, Derek Anderson and Ron Mercer.
5. 1974 NC State Wolfpack (30-1)
The Wolfpack's only loss came to UCLA in the regular season but beat them in the tourney. Players included David Thompson,  Monty Towe and  Tom Burleson.

6. 1957 North Carolina Tar Heels (32-0)
The Tar Heels capped their undefeated season by beating Kansas and Wilt Chamberlain to win the National Championship.

7. 1956 San Francisco Dons (29-0)
Won 55 straight games with players that included Bill Russell, Hal Perry, and K.C. Jones.
8. 1992 Duke Blue Devils (34-2)
The Blue Devils won their second straight NCAA title in 1992. This team was ranked No. 1 the entire season and included Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, and Grant Hill.
9. 1982 UNC Tar Heels (32-2)
How did they lose two games with James Worthy. Michael Jordan and Sam Perkins.
10. 1954 Kentucky (25-0)
This team did not win the national title. Kentucky declined the offer to play in the NCAA Tournament. Adolph Rupp was quoted with, "We're not going because I'm not going to take a bunch of turds like you to the NCAA".