Best Hamburgers in America

Ann's Snack Bar - Atlanta, Georgia
Inside, the decor includes an eight-seat counter, flat grill, refrigerator and television. "Don't allow babies to sit or stand on counter" and "Do not curse" are two of eight rules that 60-something Ann, a good-humored woman in a white apron, enforces. In this busy to-go business for three decades, Ann navigates a tiny space, hand-making patties and tending them on the grill.

If you're serious about burgers, head straight for the Ghetto burger, decadently slathered with onion, bacon, chili and cheese. The Hood burger features two lean cheeseburgers topped with bacon and coleslaw; order the combo for lemonade and fries. The chili dog split is two dogs deep-fried and slathered in chili on a white bun.

Conway's Red Top - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Voted one of the "Best Burgers" in the United States by AAA. The Conway family has owned this business since the 50's serving a GIANT burger that "lives up to it's name".


Moon Burger - Moonshine, Illinois
Roy Lee and Helen Tuttle bought the old-time (circa 1912) country  store in 1982 and promptly made it the best eating house in town - heck, it's the only building in town, unless you count the outhouse - and you had better count it.. Aside from cold cut deli-style sandwiches, drinks and snacks,   Moonshine is the home of the world-famous Moonburger. You can get a double beef cheese Moonburger, you can get a bacon Moonburger, shoot, you can get a Moonburger just about any old way y'all want it.
Arctic Road Runner - Anchorage, AK
Arctic Blvd. (The original) and Old Seward Highway just south of International Airport Road. The Kodiak -- 1/2 pound of burger, a slice of ham, cheese, japaleno peppers and just about any other fixin' you want. They have about 20 different burgers. You will find one you like.

Murder Burger Drive InnDavis, California.
Murder Burger's motto is "So good, to die for."  

Mr. Bartley's Burger CottageCambridge, MA.
This Harvard Square landmark has been synonymous with burgers for more than 40 years. 

Billy Goat TavernChicago, IL.
This bar/lunch counter was immortalized on SNL for its "cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger."  


Crabill'sUrbana, Ohio 
Size matters, but when it comes to hamburgers, bigger isn't necessarily better. In fact, some burger hounds prefer minuscule two-bite "sliders." The best place to gobble such mini-burgers is at the counter of Crabill's, where 50-cent hamburgers are served on itty-bitty buns, and small squares of cheese, mustard, and/or relish are available for a few cents extra. Eating one of these gems is a unique experience: Cooked in deep oil on the grill, a Crabill burger has a deliciously crunchy surface, and is so skinny that there's virtually no interior! 

Feltner's Whatta-Burger  - Russellville, Arkansas
Feltner's, home of "custom-made hamburgers." Hoist a simple Whatta-burger (a quarter-pounder on a broad bun), a double (two patties of beef), or a double-double (add two layers of cheese), and you are reminded of just how joyous a made-to-order fast-food hamburger can be.  They're simple and satisfying, served with speed and good cheer, with beautiful french fries and made-from-scratch milk shakes too thick to suck up using a straw. This is Americana on a bun!
Monteaux's Public House, Beaverton, Oregon
Very nice digs, and good layout. Our server was sweet and professional and did a good job. We pretty much all had a variation on a burger (except for one renegade) and it was all very tasty. The burgers were fantastic. A bit spendy, but they made up for it in quantity and quality.

Honorable Mention:
Vortex Bar & Grill Atlanta, GA.

Tommy's Hamburgers  - Las Vegas, NV
IN-N-OUT'S - SW United States
Apple Pan: 'Quality Forever'  Los Angeles, CA

Cherry Cricket - Denver, CO