Haunted Lighthouses - Top 10 in the United States

Point Lookout Lighthouse - Maryland

5. Plymouth Lighthouse - Massachusetts



Lighthouse Ghost Stories
Point Lookout Lighthouse

Often called America’s most haunted lighthouse, Point Lookout has had many documented paranormal activity since the 1860’s. Ann Davis, the spirit of the lighthouse’s first keeper, has been seen standing in the stairway and disembodied voices and strange noises have been recorded on audiotape. Also, other figures lost during the Civil War have been seen wandering the basement and grounds searching for graves that were moved a century ago.


Saginaw River Lighthouse

When the Coast Guard took over the lighthouse, strange things started to be reported here. Namely it was the sound of heavy boots on the iron staircase that were often heard. When the men would go to check and see who was on the stairs, they would find no one there. Another haunted spot is the Presque Isle Light near Alpena, Michigan. The tale is told here of a lighthouse keeper's wife who went insane because of the loneliness of her husband's position. It is said that he imprisoned the madwoman in a cell below the lighthouse and she spent her last days there, shrieking insanely. It is said that her screams can still be heard today.

Heceta Head Lighthouse 

The ghost is said to be haunted by the mother of an unknown baby whose grave was found on the grounds of the lighthouse. She moves objects and opens and closes cupboard doors. One day a man broke a window while working on the exterior of the lighthouse. He would not go in and clean it up but the next day other workers went up and saw the glass swept up in a neat pile. Yet no one had gone up there.


Old Port Boca Grande Lighthouse 

This lighthouse has two ghosts one of which is the young daughter of one lighthouse keeper. She died of whooping cough or diptheria, no one knows which she died from. People say that you can hear her playing in the upper rooms of the lighthouse. The other is the headless spirit of a Spanish princess named Josefa. She refused to get married to a pirate so he chopped off her head. She is said to walk the beach searching for her head.


Plymouth Lighthouse

John and Hannah Thomas were the keepers of this lighthouse in 1769. John was killed in the Revolutionary war. Hannah was the first woman lighthouse keeper. Some believe Hannah still roams the lighthouse  looking for her husband. Once a man and his wife were sleeping there and he awoke to find Hannah floating over his wife. He believed that she thought that her husband had come back from the war.


Presque Isle Lighthouse 

The lighthouse keeper, George, haunts this lighthouse. After he died people started to see a mysterious light in the lighthouse. One time a girl went to the lighthouse with her family, she went to the tower and came back laughing. When she was asked whom she had been talking to she said that she had talked to the man in the tower. Later she identified him as George.


St. Simons Island Lighthouse

The keeper's house was the dwelling place of the lighthouse keeper, his assistant and their families. In 1880, an argument broke out between lighthouse keeper Frederick Osborne and his assistant, leaving Osborne dead. Since then, many witnesses have claimed that his heavy footsteps can still be heard climbing the tower's staircase.

St. Augustine Lighthouse 

Several ghosts are said to haunt this lighthouse. The voice of the 12-year-old daughter of the lighthouse's builder, who drowned near the building, can sometimes be heard. Footsteps from some unseen presence can be heard shuffling on the gravel and on the steps outside the lighthouse. A large, dark male figure has been seen in the basement, possibly the spirit of a former caretaker who hung himself in the lighthouse.


New London Ledge Lighthouse 

History has it that Ernie, a broken hearted keeper, jumped to his death from the catwalk here after discovering his wife had run off with a local ferry captain. He can still be seen swabbing the decks late at night and delights in untying boats to set them adrift as well as setting off the fog horn and opening the lantern room door even when it has been locked.