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Top 10 Treehouse Resorts

  1. Cedar Creek Treehouse - Mt. Rainier, Washington

  2. Out N' About Treehouse Treesort - Cave Junction, OR

  3. Hillside Haven & Treehouse Cottages - Eureka Springs,  Arkansas

  4. Treehouse Vacations - Hawaii 

  5. North Fork Treehouses - Dora, MO

  6. Lothlorien Woods Hide-a-way - White Salmon, WA

  7. Tree Houses of Hana - Maui, Hawaii

  8. A Bamboo Treehouse - Rincon, Puerto

  9. The Treehouse At Lake Shasta 

  10. Teton Treehouse - Wilson, Wyoming

Cedar Creek Treehouse -  Cedar Creek Treehouse is an Earth-friendly, privately owned and operated mountain retreat, located one mile as the crow flies, 10 miles by car, from the Nisqually River Entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, and bordering the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. We offer unique treehouse vacation rental lodging with this "bed and breakfast" cottage 50 feet up in a 200-year old Western Red Cedar tree.

Out N' About Treehouse Treesort -  Here's an example: The Swiss Family Complex has a double bed in the upper two story adult unit, along with bunk to bed a child and rocking chair on the landing, large covered open deck below. 'The kids' unit, connected by a swinging bridge, has a double bunk bed and a small table with chairs like the playhouse all kids want. The bathrooms are on the ground level 75 ft. away, but are complete with showers, sinks and toilets.

Hillside Haven & Treehouse Cottages
- Our luxurious forest haven is hidden in the mainstream of Eureka Springs: one romantic, private cottage, and three elegant treehouse cottages, suspended more than 20 feet off the ground and fully supported by wooden poles.

Treehouse Vacations
-  You will find a magical, romantic place here, three miles from Hana town. A spectacular ocean view overlooks a flower farm from the jungle treetops! These are real treehouses in a real jungle and not for everyone. Some people looking for the antiseptic controlled environment of a condo feel they are too RUSTIC!

North Fork Treehouse
The Treehouse loft is a beautiful secluded cabin in a spectactular setting in amongst the trees on an Ozark mountain.The open air deck offers an excellent view of the North Fork River Falls.

Lothlorien Woods Hide-a-way
-  is a split-level two story tree-house, uniquely appointed to create a warm, homey and friendly atmosphere. It was designed to provide maximum privacy and seclusion in a stunningly beautiful and peaceful environment.

Tree Houses of Hana
- The pavillion has a dynamic view of the ocean. It is very secluded, private and romantic. A private bathroom with toilet and shower is only eight feet away in a separate structure. 4WD reccommended, or an extra four minute walk. Sleeps five comfortably, under mosquito netting. Propane stove and BBQ and all utensils included, plus fresh sheets and blankets...and a lot of flowers.

A Bamboo Treehouse
-  is a tropical treehouse, a different kind of vacation rental in the lush hills of Rincon', Puerto Rico. Stay here, and never want to leave. Or, stay here, and venture out. The treehouse and Puerto Rico offer a wealth of island ambiance and tropical activities, whatever vacation movie you want to make.

The Treehouse At Lake Shasta
Escape to this cozy vacation home nestled in four wooded acres overlooking the McCloud arm of Shasta Lake. Master loft and large front deck look out over the valley with breathtaking views of four mountain peaks, granite cliffs and Hirz Bay.

Teton Treehouse
-  is
a whimsical, multi-level playhouse almost hidden on a forested slope. Fuschia fireweed and creamy columbine greet you as you ascend the gentle 95-step climb up into the bowers of this aboreal retreat.

Treehouse Builders
Tree Top Builders: Custom Tree House Builders
Custom tree houses are our specialty – it’s all we do. At Tree Top Builders, we open up new worlds of enjoyment. Tree houses inspire the imagination. Give hours of fun and enjoyment. Create memories that last a lifetime. Tree houses are many things to many people. They are the best places for sleepovers... a "kids only" retreat. Adult treehouses are becoming more popular… consider a guesthouse... an office or perhaps a platform for reflection or relaxation. You're only limited by your imagination. Each Tree Top tree house is custom designed and built to fulfill your vision.

Out 'n' About Treehouse Institute and Treesort - Cave Junction, OR
At the Treehouse Institute of Takilma, we offer several several courses for Treemusketeers. Like most institutions of higher learning, we offer both core and elective (extree) classes. Unlike most institutions, our elective classes are geared totally to the individuals' desires. We do not dictate curriculum, we allow each student the opportunity to help create curriculum. We do, however, expect each Treemusketeer student to either have an un-abiding interest in treehouses and treeminology or pursue one of our alltreenut majors.


Living Tree, LLC. - Pennsylvania
Jonathan Fairoaks has been building custom tree houses for 41 years. He is an ISA Certified Arborist who enjoys preserving trees and building tree houses that will not compromise the tree it is built in. Let him help you design and build the tree house of your dreams. Trees are dynamic organisms that deserve the love and attention that a dedicated arborist and craftsman can bring to them. Since the tree is the actual architect of our tree houses, Fairoaks has learned to listen and interpret its plans. With the tree as his guide he uses innovative techniques, combining art and science to create custom built tree houses `that compliment the tree.
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