Best Attractions in Chico, CA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Attractions in Chico, CA. Madison Bear Garden on W 2nd St got the current top attraction ranking for Chico. Closely following #1 are Sierra Nevada Brewing Company on East 20th Street, The Naked Lounge Tea & Coffeehouse on W 2nd St, Bidwell Park and Bidwell Park. After reading the top ten attractions in Chico (and the honorable mentions including Bidwell Mansion SHP) be sure to check out the California Attractions nearby in cities such as Durham, Hamilton City and Paradise.

Top 10 Attractions in Chico, CA

  1. Madison Bear Garden
    316 W 2nd St,Chico,CA,95928
     • 530-891-1639

  2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
    1075 East 20th Street, Chico, CA
     • 530-345-2739

  3. The Naked Lounge Tea & Coffeehouse
    118 W 2nd St,Chico,CA,95928
     • 530-895-0676

  4. Bidwell Park
    Chico, Northern California, California, United States
     • 530-895-6144

  5. Bidwell Park
    Chico, CA
     • 530-891-8417

  6. Butte Creek Brewery
    945 W. 2nd St, Chico, California, United States


  7. Butte Creek Brewing Co
    945 W 2nd St,Chico,CA,95928
     • 530-894-7906

  8. Chico Paper Co
    345 Broadway St,Chico,CA,95928
     • 530-891-0900

  9. Downtown Chico
    Chico, California, United States


  10. Almond Tree RV Park
    3124 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95973, USA
     • 530-899-1271

Honorable Mentions for Attractions in Chico

  • Bidwell Mansion SHP
    Chico, CA
     • 530-895-6144

Top Attractions Near Chico

  • Empire Club (Durham, CA)
    6 miles from Chico
  • Satellites By Pedro (Hamilton City, CA)
    9.4 miles from Chico
  • Gold Nugget Museum (Paradise, CA)
    11.7 miles from Chico
  • The Tuscan Ridge Club (Paradise, CA)
    11.7 miles from Chico
  • Lava Creek Golf Course (Paradise, CA)
    11.7 miles from Chico