Best Attractions in Los Gatos, CA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Attractions in Los Gatos, CA. Boulevard Tavern (The) on Los Gatos Boulevard got the current top attraction ranking for Los Gatos. Closely following #1 are Fantasy of Lights on Vasona Lake County Park, Cat's Hill Classic Bicycle Race, Peabody Fine Arts Gallery on N Santa Cruz Avenue and Seasons of Light Gallery-Jeff Mitchum on N Santa Cruz Ave. After reading the top ten attractions in Los Gatos (and the honorable mentions including Forbes Mill Museum) be sure to check out the California Attractions nearby in cities such as Monte Sereno, Saratoga, Campbell, Cupertino and Santa Clara.

Top 10 Attractions in Los Gatos, CA

  1. Boulevard Tavern (The)
    15043 Los Gatos Boulevard,Los Gatos, CA 95032-2020
     • 408-358-0774

  2. Fantasy of Lights
    Vasona Lake County Park,Los Gatos,CA,95032
     • 408-356-2729

  3. Cat's Hill Classic Bicycle Race
    ,Los Gatos,CA,95032


  4. Peabody Fine Arts Gallery
    11 N Santa Cruz Avenue,Los Gatos,CA,95030
     • 408-395-3440

  5. Seasons of Light Gallery-Jeff Mitchum
    210 N Santa Cruz Ave,Los Gatos,CA,95030
     • 408-399-6400

  6. SF Bay Westie Spring Fling 2008
    333 Blossom Hill Rd,Los Gatos,CA,95032


  7. The Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch
    20 High School Ct,Los Gatos,CA,95032


  8. Calif Central Model Railroad Club
    4185 Bassett Agnew, Los Gatos, CA 95030
     • 408-988-4449

  9. Castle Rock State Park
    15000 Skyline Blvd.,Los Gatos,CA,95033-8291
     • 408-867-2952

  10. Forbes Flour Mill
    75 Church St., Los Gatos CA 95030, United States Of America


Honorable Mentions for Attractions in Los Gatos

  • Forbes Mill Museum
    75 Church St, Los Gatos, Ca 95030
     • 408-395-7375

Top Attractions Near Los Gatos

  • My Little Shopper LLC (Monte Sereno, CA)
    1.2 miles from Los Gatos
  • Villa Montalvo (Saratoga, CA)
    3.7 miles from Los Gatos
  • Cardiff Lounge (Campbell, CA)
    4.4 miles from Los Gatos
  • Picchetti Winery (Cupertino, CA)
    7.4 miles from Los Gatos
  • Paramount's Great America (Santa Clara, CA)
    8.9 miles from Los Gatos