Best Attractions in Oakland, CA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Attractions in Oakland, CA. Paramount Theatre on 2025 got the current top attraction ranking for Oakland. Closely following #1 are Oakland Zoo on Golf Links Rd, Children's Fairyland on Bellevue Avenue, Book Zoo on Telegraph Ave and Oakland California Temple on Lincoln Ave. After reading the top ten attractions in Oakland (and the honorable mentions including Oakland Heritage Alliance) be sure to check out the California Attractions nearby in cities such as Emeryville, Piedmont, Alameda and Berkeley. Other ideas such as 21 Grand and Middle Harbor Shoreline Park can be found in the Top List Related to Attractions in Oakland.

Top 10 Attractions in Oakland, CA

  1. Paramount Theatre
    2025 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612
     • 510-465-6400-/-+1-510-893-230

  2. Oakland Zoo
    9777 Golf Links Rd,Oakland,CA,94605
     • 510-632-9525

  3. Children's Fairyland
    699 Bellevue Avenue,Oakland, CA 94610-5055
     • 510-452-2259

  4. Book Zoo
    6395 Telegraph Ave,Oakland,CA,94609
     • 510-654-2665

  5. Oakland California Temple
    4770 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA 94602
     • 510-531-3200

  6. Chabot Space and Science Center
    10000 Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, California 94619
     • 510-336-7373

  7. Kaiser Center
    300 Lakeside Drive,Oakland,CA,94601
     • 510-271-6131

  8. Tina Tamale Loves Old Oakland: A Fundraiser for OON
    Air Lounge And Bar,Oakland,CA,94620
     • 510-444-2377

  9. Montclair Golf Course
    2477 Monterey Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94611-3345
     • 510-482-0422

  10. African American Museum and Library
    659 14th Street,Oakland,CA,94612
     • 510-637-0200

Honorable Mentions for Attractions in Oakland

  • Oakland Heritage Alliance
    446 17th Street,Oakland,CA,94612
     • 510-763-9218

Top Attractions Near Oakland

  • Adventure Center (Emeryville, CA)
    2 miles from Oakland
  • Kimballs East (Emeryville, CA)
    2 miles from Oakland
  • Dracena Park (Piedmont, CA)
    2.5 miles from Oakland
  • Alameda Fourth of July Parade (Alameda, CA)
    3.1 miles from Oakland
  • Tilden Park (Lake Anza) (Berkeley, CA)
    4.6 miles from Oakland

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