Best Hotels in Julian, CA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Hotels in Julian, CA. Orchard Hill Country Inn on Washington St got the current top hotel ranking for Julian. Closely following #1 are Julian Gold Rush Hotel on Main St, Artists' Loft and Cabins at Strawberry Hill on P.O. Box 2408, Angels Landing Country Inn and Resort on Farmer Road and Pine Hills Lodge on La Posada Way. After reading the top ten hotels in Julian be sure to check out the California Hotels nearby in cities such as Ramona, Borrego Springs, Pine Valley, Alpine and Lakeside. Other ideas such as Villa De Valor Hildreth House Circa 1898 and Butterfield Bed and Breakfast can be found in the Top List Related to Hotels in Julian.

Top 9 Hotels in Julian, CA

  1. Orchard Hill Country Inn
    2502 Washington St, Julian, CA 92036, USA
     • 760-765-1700

  2. Julian Gold Rush Hotel
    2032 Main St, Julian, California
     • 760-765-0201

  3. Artists' Loft and Cabins at Strawberry Hill
    P.O. Box 2408, Julian, CA 92036

  4. Angels Landing Country Inn and Resort
    2323 Farmer Road,Julian, CA 92036
     • 760-765-2578

  5. Pine Hills Lodge
    2960 La Posada Way, Julian, CA 92036
     • 760-765-1100

  6. Orchard Hill Country Inn
    Po Box 425, Julian, CA 92036
     • 760-765-1700

  7. Shadow Mountain Ranch
    2771 Frisius Rd, Julian, CA 92036


  8. Julian Lodge
    Fourth And C Sts., Julian, CA 92036


  9. Julian Tea & Cottage Arts
    2124 3rd St, Julian, CA 92036
     • 866-765-0832

Top Hotels Near Julian

  • San Diego Country Estates (Ramona, CA)
    15.6 miles from Julian
  • Borrego Valley Inn (Borrego Springs, CA)
    18 miles from Julian
  • Pine Valley Inn Motel (Pine Valley, CA)
    18.3 miles from Julian
  • Alpine Inn (Alpine, CA)
    19.3 miles from Julian
  • Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino (Lakeside, CA)
    24.1 miles from Julian

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