Best Museums in Berkeley, CA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Museums in Berkeley, CA. Lawrence Hall of Science on Centennial Drive got the current top museum ranking for Berkeley. Closely following #1 are ACCI Gallery Arts and Crafts Cooperative on Shattuck Ave, Berkeley Art Center on Walnut Street, Cecile Moochnek Gallery on 4th Street # D and Fourth Street Studio on 1717d 4th St. After reading the top ten museums in Berkeley (and the honorable mentions including Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology) be sure to check out the California Museums nearby in cities such as Albany, El Cerrito, Oakland and Richmond. Other ideas such as Tilden Park (Lake Anza) and Golden Gate Fields can be found in the Top List Related to Museums in Berkeley.

Top 10 Museums in Berkeley, CA

  1. Lawrence Hall of Science
    1 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA
     • 510-642-5132

  2. ACCI Gallery Arts and Crafts Cooperative
    1652 Shattuck Ave,Berkeley,CA,94709
     • 510-843-2527

  3. Berkeley Art Center
    1275 Walnut Street,Berkeley,CA,94709
     • 510-644-6893

  4. Cecile Moochnek Gallery
    1809 4th Street # D,Berkeley,CA,94710
     • 510-549-1018

  5. Fourth Street Studio
    1717D 4th St,Berkeley,CA,94710
     • 510-527-0600

  6. Regional Parks Botanic Garden at Tilden
    Wildcat Canyon Road And South Park Drive,Berkeley, CA 94701
     • 510-841-8732

  7. Sticks
    1579 Solano Avenue # B,Berkeley,CA,94707
     • 510-526-6603

  8. Art in Silver
    918 Ventura Ave,Berkeley,CA,94707
     • 510-528-4193

  9. Eric Powell Arts
    770 Camelia St,Berkeley,CA,94710
     • 510-525-1872

  10. Kala Institute
    1060 Heinz Ave,Berkeley,CA,94710
     • 510-549-2977

Honorable Mentions for Museums in Berkeley

  • Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
    103 Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, Ca 94720
     • 94720-3712

Top Museums Near Berkeley

  • Albany Arts Gallery (Albany, CA)
    1.7 miles from Berkeley
  • Playland-Not-at-the-Beach (El Cerrito, CA)
    3.7 miles from Berkeley
  • Juana Pena Metal Designs (El Cerrito, CA)
    3.7 miles from Berkeley
  • Oakland Zoo (Oakland, CA)
    4.6 miles from Berkeley
  • SS Red Oak Victory (Richmond, CA)
    6 miles from Berkeley

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