Best Nightlife in Long Beach, CA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Nightlife in Long Beach, CA. Paradise Piano Bar & Restaurant on E Broadway got the current top nightlife spot ranking for Long Beach. Closely following #1 are McKenna's on the Bay Restaurant on Marina Dr., Gameworks on Aquarium Way, Sachi on Pacific Coast Hwy and open on E 4th St. After reading the top ten nightlife places in Long Beach (and the honorable mentions including Club Bounce) be sure to check out the California Nightlife nearby in cities such as Signal Hill, Lakewood, Carson, Los Alamitos and Lomita. Other ideas such as Open Sesame and BJ'S can be found in the Top List Related to Nightlife in Long Beach.

Top 10 Nightlife in Long Beach, CA

  1. Paradise Piano Bar & Restaurant
    1800 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802
     • 562-590-8773

  2. McKenna's on the Bay Restaurant
    190 Marina Dr., Long Beach, CA 90803
     • 562-342-9411

  3. Gameworks
    10 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802-8138
     • 562-308-7529

  4. Sachi
    6400 Pacific Coast Hwy,Long Beach,CA,90899
     • 562-252-8434

  5. open
    2226 E 4th St,Long Beach,CA,90814
     • 562-499-6736

  6. Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
    300 E Ocean Blvd,Long Beach,CA,90802
     • 562-436-3636

  7. Queen Mary Shipwreck
    1126 Queens Hwy,Long Beach,CA,90802
     • 562-435-3511

  8. The Cellar
    201 E Broadway,Long Beach,CA,90802
     • 562-495-9000

  9. SoundWalk
    ,Long Beach,CA,90899


  10. The All American Melodrama Theater
    429 Shoreline Village Dr,Long Beach,CA,90802
     • 562-495-5900

Honorable Mentions for Nightlife in Long Beach

  • Club Bounce
    Golden Sails Hotel - PCH Club,Long Beach,CA,90803
     • 562-596-1631

Top Nightlife Near Long Beach

  • Concerts in the Park (Signal Hill, CA)
    2.9 miles from Long Beach
  • Chilis Grill and Bar (Lakewood, CA)
    6.8 miles from Long Beach
  • Sports Club Bar (Carson, CA)
    6.9 miles from Long Beach
  • Dance West (Los Alamitos, CA)
    7.1 miles from Long Beach
  • Barry Jost's You Can Dance! (Lomita, CA)
    7.4 miles from Long Beach

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