Best Parks in Berkeley, CA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Parks in Berkeley, CA. Golden Gate Fields on Eastshore Hwy got the current top park ranking for Berkeley. Closely following #1 are People's Park on Haste St, Indian Rock Park on Indian Rock Ave, Codornices Park on Euclid Ave and Ohlone Park West on Hearst Ave. After reading the top ten parks in Berkeley (and the honorable mentions including Eastshore State Park) be sure to check out the California Parks nearby in cities such as Albany, Kensington, Emeryville, El Cerrito and Piedmont. Other ideas such as Tilden Park (Lake Anza) and ACCI Gallery Arts and Crafts Cooperative can be found in the Top List Related to Parks in Berkeley.

Top 10 Parks in Berkeley, CA

  1. Golden Gate Fields
    1100 Eastshore Hwy, Berkeley, CA 94710
     • 510-559-7300

  2. People's Park
    2556 Haste St,Berkeley,CA,94704
     • 917-573-9642

  3. Indian Rock Park
    950 Indian Rock Ave,Berkeley,CA,94707


  4. Codornices Park
    1201 Euclid Ave,Berkeley,CA,94701
     • 510-981-6700

  5. Ohlone Park West
    1701 Hearst Ave,Berkeley,CA,94701
     • 510-981-6700

  6. Inspiration Point
    1000 Wildcat Canyon Road,Berkeley,CA,94701


  7. Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area
    Centennial Dr,Berkeley,CA,94720
     • 510-643-4397

  8. Willard Park
    2720 Hillegass Ave,Berkeley,CA,94705
     • 510-644-8517

  9. Tilden Regional Park
    Canon Drive At Grizzly Peak Blvd., Berkeley, CA
     • 510-562-7275

  10. Totland Playground
    McGee Ave & Virginia St,Berkeley,CA,94703


Honorable Mentions for Parks in Berkeley

  • Eastshore State Park
    University Avenue @Marina Blvd., Berkeley, CA 94710
     • 510-562

Top Parks Near Berkeley

  • Albany Bulb (Albany, CA)
    1.7 miles from Berkeley
  • Kensington Park (Kensington, CA)
    2.7 miles from Berkeley
  • East Shore State Park (Emeryville, CA)
    2.9 miles from Berkeley
  • Arlington Park (El Cerrito, CA)
    3.7 miles from Berkeley
  • Dracena Park (Piedmont, CA)
    4 miles from Berkeley

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