Best Bars in Athens, GA

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Bars in Athens, GA. Terrapin Beer Company got the current top bar ranking for Athens. Closely following #1 are Locos Grill and Pub, Copper Creek Brewing Co, Trappeze and Little Kings Shuffle Club. After reading the top ten bars in Athens (and the honorable mentions including Two Eighty Three) be sure to check out the Georgia Bars nearby in cities such as Winder. Other ideas such as Grit, The and Agua Linda can be found in the Top List Related to Bars in Athens.

Top 10 Bars in Athens, GA

  1. Terrapin Beer Company
    265 Newton Bridge Rd,Athens,GA,30607
     • 706-549-3377

  2. Locos Grill and Pub
    581 S Harris St, Athens, GA 30605
     • 706-548-7803

  3. Copper Creek Brewing Co
    140 E Washington St,Athens,GA,30609
     • 706-546-1102

  4. Trappeze
    269 W Washington St,Athens,GA,30601
     • 706-543-8997

  5. Little Kings Shuffle Club
    223 W Washington St,Athens,GA,30601


  6. 8E's
    120 East Washington St,Athens,GA,30609


  7. Walker's Pub
    128 College Ave,Athens,GA,30608
     • 706-543-1433

  8. The Melting Point
    295 E Dougherty St,Athens,GA,30601
     • 706-549-7051

  9. Cutters Pub
    120 E Clayton St,Athens,GA,30601
     • 706-353-9800

  10. Mercury Lounge
    254 W Clayton St,Athens,GA,30601
     • 706-583-8510

Honorable Mentions for Bars in Athens

  • Two Eighty Three
    283 E Broad St,Athens,GA,30601
     • 706-208-1283

Top Bars Near Athens

  • Ladegua Night Club (Winder, GA)
    19.7 miles from Athens
  • Pat's Tavern (Winder, GA)
    19.7 miles from Athens
  • Locos Deli and Pub (Winder, GA)
    19.7 miles from Athens
  • Locos Deli and Pub (Winder, GA)
    19.7 miles from Athens
  • Blue Rose Lounge (Winder, GA)
    19.7 miles from Athens

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