Best Attractions in Portsmouth, NH

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Attractions in Portsmouth, NH. USS Albacore Museum and Park on Market Street got the current top attraction ranking for Portsmouth. Closely following #1 are Market Square, Strawbery Banke Museum on Court Street, Nahcotta Inc and Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion on Little Harbor Road. After reading the top ten attractions in Portsmouth (and the honorable mentions including Seacoast Repertory Theatre) be sure to check out the New Hampshire Attractions nearby in cities such as New Castle, Rye and Newington. Other ideas such as Oriental Gallery and Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery-N H Art Assoc can be found in the Top List Related to Attractions in Portsmouth.

Top 10 Attractions in Portsmouth, NH

  1. USS Albacore Museum and Park
    600 Market Street , Portsmouth, NH 03801
     • 603-436-3680

  2. Market Square
    Portsmouth, NH
     • 603-430-9587

  3. Strawbery Banke Museum
    454 Court Street, Portsmouth, NH, USA
     • 603-433-1100

  4. Nahcotta Inc
    110 Congress St,Portsmouth,NH,03801
     • 603-433-1705

  5. Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion
    375 Little Harbor Road,Portsmouth, NH 03801-5527
     • 1-(603)-436-6607

  6. Bowl-O-Rama
    599 Lafayette Rd Ste 1,Portsmouth,NH,03801
     • 603-436-0504

  7. Discover Portsmouth Center
    42 Middle St,Portsmouth,NH,03801


  8. NJM Gallery
    8 Bow Street, Portsmouth, NH, 03801
     • 888-211-0311

  9. NW Barrett Gallery
    53 Market St,Portsmouth,NH,03801
     • 603-431-4262

  10. Pease International Airport
    360 Corporate Dri,Portsmouth,NH,03801
     • 603-427-0433

Honorable Mentions for Attractions in Portsmouth

  • Seacoast Repertory Theatre
    125 Bow Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801-03874
     • 603-443-4472

Top Attractions Near Portsmouth

  • The Spa at Wentworth (New Castle, NH)
    2.3 miles from Portsmouth
  • Wentworth By-The-Sea (Rye, NH)
    4.1 miles from Portsmouth
  • Granite State Whale Watch (Rye, NH)
    4.1 miles from Portsmouth
  • Evergreen of Rye (Rye, NH)
    4.1 miles from Portsmouth
  • Babies R Us (Newington, NH)
    4.1 miles from Portsmouth

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