Best Bed and Breakfast Inns in Columbus, OH

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Bed and Breakfast Inns in Columbus, OH. German Village Guesthouse on 748 got the current top bed and breakfast ranking for Columbus. Closely following #1 are Harrison House Bed and Breakfast, The Garden Manor, Short North Bed & Breakfast and Neil Avenue Bed and Breakfast. After reading the top ten bed and breakfast inns in Columbus (and the honorable mentions including Hampton Inn Owensboro) be sure to check out the Ohio Bed and Breakfast Inns nearby in cities such as Gahanna, Westerville, New Albany, Harrisburg and Powell. Other ideas such as Sheraton Suites Columbus and Motel 6 Columbus East can be found in the Top List Related to Bed and Breakfast Inns in Columbus.

Top 10 Bed and Breakfast Inns in Columbus, OH

  1. German Village Guesthouse
    748 Jaeger St, Columbus OH 43206, USA
     • 866-587-2738

  2. Harrison House Bed and Breakfast
    313 W. 5th Ave., Columbus, OH, 43201
     • 614-421-2202

  3. The Garden Manor
    108 N 20th Street, Columbus, OH 43203, USA


  4. Short North Bed & Breakfast
    50 E. Lincoln St., Columbus, OH, 43215
     • 614-299-5050

  5. Neil Avenue Bed and Breakfast
    1237 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201, USA


  6. B & B Pizza & Spaghetti
    3739 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 43224
     • 614-268-5522

  7. Brewmaster's House Bed & Breakfast
    1083 S. High St., Columbus, OH 43206, USA
     • 614-449-8298

  8. Brodrick House Bed & Breakfast
    275 West Fifth Street,Columbus, OH 43201


  9. Columbus Bed & Breakfast
    769 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43206
     • 614-443-3680

  10. Columbus Marriott
    800 Front Ave, Columbus, OH


Honorable Mentions for Bed and Breakfast Inns in Columbus

  • Hampton Inn Owensboro
    615 Salem Drive, Columbus, OH 43203

Top Bed and Breakfast Inns Near Columbus

  • Lily Stone B & B (Gahanna, OH)
    7.5 miles from Columbus
  • College and Grove Bed and Breakfast (Westerville, OH)
    12 miles from Columbus
  • Herald House Bed & Breakfast (New Albany, OH)
    13 miles from Columbus
  • Campbell House Bed and Breakfast (Harrisburg, OH)
    13.9 miles from Columbus
  • Espresso Yourself Music Cafe (Powell, OH)
    14.2 miles from Columbus

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