Best Hotels in Hood River, OR

Here’s the America’s Best Online list of the best Hotels in Hood River, OR. Columbia Gorge Hotel on Westcliff Dr got the current top hotel ranking for Hood River. Closely following #1 are Vagabond Lodge, Best Western Hood River Inn, Columbia River Gorge on Hood River, Or 97031, and Hood River Hotel. After reading the top ten hotels in Hood River (and the honorable mentions including Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast) be sure to check out the Oregon Hotels nearby in cities such as Mosier, Parkdale, Cascade Locks and The Dalles. Other ideas such as Villa Columbia Bed and Breakfast and Inn at the Gorge can be found in the Top List Related to Hotels in Hood River.

Top 10 Hotels in Hood River, OR

  1. Columbia Gorge Hotel
    4000 Westcliff Dr, Hood River, Or 97031
     • 800-345-1921

  2. Vagabond Lodge
    4070 Westcliff Dr, Hood River, OR 97031
     • 541-386-2992

  3. Best Western Hood River Inn
    1108 East Marina Way, Hood River, OR 97031
     • 800-937-8376

  4. Columbia River Gorge
    Hood River, OR 97031,
     • 541-386-2333

  5. Hood River Hotel
    102 Oak Ave, Hood River, Or 97031
     • 541-386-1900

  6. Comfort Suites Hood River
    2625 Cascade Ave, Hood River, Or 97031
     • 541-308-1000

  7. Riverview Lodge
    1505 Oak St, Hood River, OR
     • 800-789-9568

  8. Oak Street Hotel
    610 Oak St, Hood River, Or 97031
     • 541-386-3845

  9. Hood River Inn-Riverside Grill
    Exit 64 On I 84,Hood River,OR,97031
     • 541-386-2200

  10. Sunset Motel Hood River
    2300 Cascade Ave, Hood River, OR 97031
     • 541-386-6322

Honorable Mentions for Hotels in Hood River

  • Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast
    3000 Reed Rd, Hood River, OR 97031
     • 541-386-1545

Top Hotels Near Hood River

  • The Mosier House Bed & Breakfast (Mosier, OR)
    6.2 miles from Hood River
  • Old Parkdale Inn (Parkdale, OR)
    13.3 miles from Hood River
  • Best Western Columbia River Inn (Cascade Locks, WA)
    18 miles from Hood River
  • Shilo Inn The Dalles (The Dalles, OR)
    18.2 miles from Hood River
  • Bridge of the Gods Motel (Cascade Locks, WA)
    18 miles from Hood River

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