Best Waterfalls in the USA

1. Havasupai Waterfall - Grand Canyon
The Havasu ’Baaja' or more commonly the Havasupai, are a Native American tribe located in the northwestern part of the American state of Arizona. The tribe is well-known for being the only permanent inhabitants in the Grand Canyon, where they have lived for over 800 years. It also holds the distinction of being one of the only places left in America whose mail is still delivered by mule, the other being Phantom Ranch. But the main "claim-to-fame" for the Tribe is its richly colored waters and its awe-inspiring waterfalls, both of which have made this small community become a bustling tourist hub that attracts thousands of people every year.
2. Niagara Falls - New York
Niagara Falls is a group of massive waterfalls located on the Niagara River on the border between the United States and Canada. The Falls are comprised of  three separate waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls , American Falls, and the smaller, adjacent Bridal Veil Falls.  Niagara Falls is very wide, and is by far the most voluminous waterfall in North America.

Niagara Falls is renowned for its beauty, and is  a valuable source of hydroelectric power. A popular tourist site for over a century, the Falls are shared between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, New York and Niagara Falls, Ontario.

3. Yosemite Falls - California
Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America. Located in Yosemite National Park in California, it's a major attraction in the park, especially in late spring when the water flow is at its peak. At 2425 feet, Yosemite Falls is the sixth highest waterfall in the world. Although often referred to as a "two-stage drop", the falls actually consist of three sections: the Upper Falls, Lower Falls, and the cataracts.
    The Lower Falls are accessible near the Yosemite Lodge in Yosemite Valley. The top of the Upper Falls may be reached via a strenuous and usually crowded 3.5 mile hike beginning near the Sunnyside Walk-in Campground.

4. Multnomah Falls - Oregon
Multnomah Falls is a the tallest waterfall in Oregon and is is also the second-highest year-round waterfall in the United States. The source of  the falls, Multnomah Creek, drops in two major steps that are usually given as 542 feet and 69 feet and in one minor step of a small 9 foot plunge that lies just upstream from the top of the 542 foot drop.

    A foot trail leads to a bridge spanning the upper plunge pool, and continues on to a platform at the top of the upper falls, providing a birdseye view of the Columbia Gorge, and also of the small cascade known as "Little Multnomah".

    The waterfall and its rustic lodge and restaurant are easily reachable via a stretch of I-84 east of Portland or the Columbia River Scenic Highway, which takes the driver near several of the other famous waterfalls around the Columbia Gorge.


5. Yellowstone's Lower Falls - Wyoming
The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River is the most inspiring of all the waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park. At 308’ high, it  thunders through the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  There are many ways to see the Lower Yellowstone Falls. These include: On the North Rim Drive, a great view of the waterfall is found at Lookout Pt. A short descent from Lookout Pt. to Red Rock Pt. offers a closer view of the Lower Falls. Also on the north rim is the Brink of Lower Falls trail. On the south rim of the canyon, Artist Point offers a great photo moment of Lower Falls and the canyon. On Uncle Tom's Trail, you'll descend a steep 328 steps to reach a platform with a  close up view of the falls.  For a more private view of the falls, visitors should go to Red Rock Point. The view is not quite as good, but the crowds are not there.

6. Malchite Falls - Washington
Malchite Falls is the tallest and one of the most impressive waterfalls in Washington. The falls are easily seen from the Foss Lakes trail near Skykomish. Unfortunately, the entire falls is difficult to see from the trail, and some difficult bushwhacking is necessary to reach the base of the falls. The falls consist of two side-by-side waterfalls, one 600 feet tall, the other around 450 feet tall, on separate streams. The 450 foot fall is not visible from the trail at all.


7. Amicalola Falls - Georgia
Amicalola Falls is derived from a Cherokee language word meaning "tumbling waters". The falls reach the height of  729' which makes it the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. In addition, the falls are just a hike away from Springer Mountain, famous for being the southern end of the Appalachian Trail.

8. Honokohau Falls - Hawaii
Honokohau is Maui's tallest waterfall at over 1100 feet high and is located at the very head of the deep and lush Honokohau Valley in the West Maui Mountains. Helicopter is the best way to see these falls.

9. North Clear Creek Falls - Colorado
North Creek Falls setting consist of flat lands with an elevation of 10,000’  that are covered in prairie grasses. This unusual setting for a waterfall makes the them even more spectacular. Located above the Rio Grand,  these falls crash more than 100’ to the canyon below and are believed to be the most-photographed waterfall in Colorado. They are located along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway about an hour north of the town of Creede.

10. Shoshone Falls - Idaho
Shoshone Falls are the most well known falls in Idaho, and the most powerful falls in the Northwest.  The falls are "controlled" by the Milner Dam and the small dam immediately above the falls, turning them "off" during the agricultural season by diverting the water to the farmlands, and letting them cut loose in the winter and spring, completely covering the cliff. These fall are 212' high and 1200' wide.

    To get to these falls, drive along US 97 into the City of Twin Falls. After Crossing the Snake River, continue about 1.8 miles to Falls Avenue. Turn left and drive along Falls Avenue for 3 miles to the signed Park entrance. Drive the entrance road for 2 miles to the park and the parking lot.

10. Punch Bowl Falls - Oregon
Punch Bowl Falls is probably the most photographed waterfall in the Pacific Northwest and is the most popular destination along the Eagle Creek trail. The falls occur where Eagle Creek cuts through a narrow channel flanked by cliffs, and shoots powerfully into a large bowl. The falls' name comes from the resemblance to an actual punch bowl. Above and to the left of the falls is a natural platform that is often used for diving into the pool below the falls.  This diving platform is only for the brave or foolish.  Chick here for more info and directions.


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